Community Services

The Hammond Urban Enterprise Association is greatly concerned with higher education and community-based employment of Enterprise Zone youth. To this end, we offer opportunities for Zone youth such as collegiate scholarships, and the Hammond Youth Employment Program, which provides over 100 jobs per year to young people living in the Zone. These programs foster young adult development and provide support to local businesses.

In our commitment to making Hammond a better place to live, the HUEA will subsidize and install “Welcome Lights” for any Zone resident who completes the necessary application. We hope that this program will keep the city of Hammond and its Enterprise Zone beautiful and crime free, and these electric, sunlight-sensitive lights offer comfort and security to our neighborhoods.

The HUEA also offers a “Transportation to Work” Program, which gives a transportation subsidy to residents with disabilities, making it possible for disabled adults who reside in Hammond to continue to be a vital part of the community’s workforce.

With HUEA and community members working together, we can beautify neighborhoods, fund education and social activities, and provide grant opportunities to stimulate our city’s beauty and economic development. Please contact us for more information; we look forward to working with you.