Business Services

I would like to extend an invitation to Hammond Urban Enterprise Zone business owners to take advantage of significant incentives that the Hammond Urban Enterprise Association offers to businesses located within the Zone boundaries. Doing business in an Enterprise Zone provides major tax incentives such as employee wage and inventory tax credits designed to stimulate business development. We also offer beautification and safety benefits; for example, our fa├žade rebate program allocates funds for window and door repair, storefront rehabilitation, and restoration of architectural detailing.

In addition, the HUEA will subsidize and installs “Welcome Lights” for any Zone business that completes the necessary application for these electric, sunlight-sensitive lights that offer comfort and security to business owners. This program keeps the city of Hammond and its Enterprise Zone beautiful and crime free. Our belief is that, by partnering with local businesses truly invested in community development and improvement, we will together make Hammond a better place to live, work, and grow.